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A conversation with SAJI
Wed, Nov 16 at 7:20 PM

Steven: Kinda what we was just talking about earlier today

The algorithm bustin tonight

Saji: Fr

Looking at situations and people for what it is, not what people project on to it

Putting ego aside for the work/best result


I feel like thats the key to Rick Rubens success

And why he could work w so many genres


Like it seems like he was never a person to not fuc wit someone because of what they're known for

Like just because he's known for starting a hip-hop label. Doesn't mean he can't fuc with the Red Hot Chili Peppers


He talks about that on his podcast

In a specific instance working w Johnny Cash when no one was fucking w him anymore, just to see if he could basically


The best do that

Taking on a challenge

Stepping outta ur comfort zone

That's why I fuc with QT so much

To even think about bringing back Pam Grier

To remove all the perceptions, that other people may have about this person/thing, and just looking at them solely off what their capable of


And i think that if you can look at yourself like that, thats when you reach that flow state where its no roadblocks really just continuation

To remove the perceptions you have on yourself.

Or what other people expect from you

The things you can do r limitless

And there's no right or wrong

Tight or

Just knowing your intentions is just to make work

Doing something different than what you did before

Following your curiosity

I think thats what impressed me so much about Virgils practice, he found a way to monetize exploring his curiosity at the highest level

Like how can i get paid to wake up and make whatever I want

I never really thought of it like that

Like all his stuff was really about asking questions

Finding a excuse to work with a artist he fucc with

Yeah like 'can we do this' what happens if...'

Like i'm doing this art/creative direction thing but what it really looks like is getting someone to catch a fill on the outside of this louie building legally

That's deff my goal

Wake up and make anything I want

In a sustainable comfortable way

I think that's where you can create the most longevity for your Self

You should constantly want to do something fresh

It's OK to repeat and go back to things that you already done before

But never be afraid to do something because you haven't done it

Wanna shoot with bro so bad



Thatd be so hard lol

I would fly to India and everything

Like yo camera club

Lets make this happen


You fuck with Richard Prince?

Fr lil treatment n all dat like lets run it

Yeahh i do actually

They got this new video talking bout his work

Was bout to watch it

I really fuck w his car hoods

And some of the instagram shit grew on me too

I feel like all the stuff I made up to this point was inspirated by bro

When it comes to my art practice

Like these acrylic nails I did a few years back were hella inspired by those car hood

Consciously or unconsciously?


Thats crazy to hear

I love that work

Some of my favorite from u

did you u know about his work already

Or find out after

Already did

When I look back at it, it kind of makes sense cause that's all I was fucking with at the time

I feel like i used to hate on alot of white artists work or purposely only look at "black" shit for a minute

But that goes back to what we were talking about

I was limiting my view cause of pre conceived notions


Instead of taking what worked for me from anything i saw/hear/was curious about

I feel like it could be dangerous only looking at work that speak to u

Because then you start making replicas of it

Like the reason why there's a million black figure painter because all niggas look at is Henry Taylor

And Kehin and Kerry

When you look at something that isn't directly about you and your experience, you can take bits and pieces of it and create something new with your own shit

Yeah like I think its all important but the best references are out of your zone. weather that in concept or even medium


I feel like that was Spike Lee's downfall

A lil bit tho

Damn never thought of it like that but so true

He kept on coming from the same vantage point

Instead of tryna make the best films he was tryna make the blackest films at a certain point

by the 10th movie it gets played out


But the reason why "do the right thing" was so crazy because there was no movies like that at the time

A story that was told at that level

But idk

Now that I think about it

He has made different movie

25th hour different

Never seen that one tho

Never seen 25th

Gotta check it out

I like girl 6 and clockers alot

More for cinematography tho

And bamboozled just cause I think its such an ambitious concept

But thay all still kinda fall in the lane we were saving



This black cinema thing

Damn 25th looks interesting

Love Philip Seymour rip

Yeah i feel that... i feel like some of the older generation too looks at 'blackness' differently too cause ofc their experiences within/oof it are way diff than ours

I feel like a lot of the the older generation has a lot of self restrictions

Due to there experience

And it tends to be a handicap at times

Like I shouldn't do this because of XYZ

And if I do that, that's kind of like shitting on all the work that other people did before me

Yeah and even like with parents and family about communication and healing

Ties back to what we keep getting to, letting all that shit back for the best result/to explore what feels right


That's another big part of Virgils success to me is being able to see both outlooks, the structure and reliability that comes with tradition and the freedom and energy that comes with letting go of all that

Even Kanye

That's why Yeezus so good

Wanted see how far he could go


Yeah thats one of my favs

For that reason

And it aged so well imo

Yeahh even like the pink polo stuff and being vulnerable

Was that for the time

That's my favorite album by the man

I like that n 808

And mbdtf but i think of that separately

But yeah I feel like the same way as far as music like I'm definitely trying to do something different in terms of the way it actually sounds but I'm trying to go for like deep clear vulnerability as vulnerable as possible which i feel like is kinda the next progression

like what if Travis Scott was talking about going to therapy and facing trauma and shit lol

not specifically by like u get my point lmao

I get u lol

I feel like thats kinda our wave/bag Extreme vulnerability+astute/clever observations

It is

Being vulnerable but still Having fun with it

the most timeless shit

Everything else either been done or played out